Are Tom Holland And Zendaya Engaged?

Are Tom Holland And Zendaya Engaged?
Are the Zendaya and Tom Holland engagement rumours true? Here’s everything you need to know about the Spider-Man stars’ relationship amid claims it’s getting serious. Rumours of an engagement between Zendaya and Tom Holland have been whirring for the past week, getting many fans excited in the process!

The Spider-Man co-stars-turned-partners are everyone’s favorited celebrity couple and their romance has shown signs of heating up.

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya engaged?

In November, countless headlines swirled claiming that Tom had popped the question to Zendaya. The rumors had many of us fooled but, for now, it seems the couple are yet to make the jump from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancés. The engagement claims took the internet by storm, with many news posts going viral, but Zendaya’s mum Claire Stoermer put the rumors to rest once and for all. The protective mother shared a cryptic post to Instagram, which is thought to be about the alleged ‘engagement’.

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It read: “Clickbait typically refers to the practice of writing sensationalized or misleading headlines in order to attract clicks on a piece of content. “It often relies on exaggerating claims or leaving out key information in order to encourage traffic.” It didn’t take long for fans to deduce that the Instagram Story was referring to the speculation about the Spider-Man stars. However, Tom and Zendaya’s romance is getting quite serious, with reports that the pair are in “settling down mode”.

Zendaya’s Mom Seemingly Reacts to Tom Holland Engagement Rumors

How long has Tom Holland and Zendaya been together?

Zendaya and Tom first met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming back in 2016 and quickly became friends as they portrayed the iconic characters of MJ and Peter.

Rumours of a romance constantly followed the actors but it wasn’t until July 2021 that the pair were photographed kissing, they themselves confirmed the relationship the following September. The notoriously private couple are thought to have been over a year and a half but could be more!

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