Netflix Will Soon Release One of Will Smith’s Best Films

Netflix Will Soon Release One of Will Smith’s Best Films
A number of films and television programs will soon be added to Netflix’s streaming library as part of its ambitious ambitions for the month of August. For new seasons, popular programs like Locke & Key and Never Have I Ever are coming back, while eagerly awaited films like Day Shift and The Sandman make their debut. August will be full of exciting things for subscribers, and the month will begin with a wave of well-liked films.

Netflix is adding a number of films to its library on August 1st, including Men in Black, one of Will Smith’s best movies. The Tommy Lee Jones-starrer from 1997 recently commemorated its 25th birthday with a constrained return to theaters.

Men in Black, which continues to be popular among moviegoers, will be accessible to stream on Netflix as of August 1. Additionally, Netflix is simultaneously adding both of the movie’s sequels. Fans will be able to view the complete series on Netflix when Men in Black II and Men in Black 3 launch at the beginning of August (minus the maligned reboot Men in Black: International).

Next month, Men in Black will join other well-known films at their new streaming home, including Spider-Man and Constantine. On August 1st, the following titles will be available on Netflix:

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