When trying to break into Hollywood, Will Smith “vowed” to always put in two more hours of work than Tom Cruise.

When trying to break into Hollywood, Will Smith “vowed” to always put in two more hours of work than Tom Cruise.
Will Smith has been in the public eye his whole adult life. The actor is one of the most commercially successful performers in the business, but Tom Cruise surpasses him, which has never pleased the actor. Smith pledged to consistently put in two more hours than Cruise as he tried to break into Hollywood, using the Mission: Impossible actor as a yardstick when he first started out.

Tom Cruise is one of the Hollywood performers that works the hardest.

Cruise has a significant list of acting credentials, and several of his films have had phenomenal box office success. When the cumulative gross for the sequel to Top Gun: Maverick surpassed $1 billion, he recently became a member of the billion-dollar club. But Cruise hasn’t always had it easy; he’s had to put in a lot of effort to get where he is now.

While many casting directors today consider Cruise when choosing an action film, Cruise always had to work twice as hard to establish himself, gaining the reputation of being one of Hollywood’s hardest-working performers.

IMDb lists 50 acting credits for Cruise. Cruise doesn’t take breaks and always strives to outdo his competition when marketing a new movie. As a top-grossing actor, it would seem inevitable that throngs of people would throng movie theaters to see Cruise, but the celebrity makes sure he advertises his films and doesn’t just rely on his endearing appearance to draw in the crowds.

Additionally, Cruise goes above and beyond when filming. According to the New York Times, he performs most of his stunts himself and trained actors on the Maverick set to fly F-18s, which explains why the film was so well received because it didn’t rely on visual effects for some of its daring sky acrobatics.

On promotional tours, Will Smith aspired to surpass Tom Cruise.

Smith’s autobiography contains a number of insights into his prosperous career. The actor said that he once attempted to surpass Cruise and that guidance from acting greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger helped him advance.

“I started to notice how much other performers dread traveling, press, and promoting,” he wrote in his essay. To me, it seemed really insane. The actor revealed that he started looking around for someone he might possibly consider competition, who had the key to success, and who was superior to Cruise.

Smith revealed that he started keeping an eye on Cruise’s promotional activities and travels and that he frequently inquired about the Mission: Impossible actor’s schedule.

“When I arrived in a nation to promote my film, I would ask the local film industry officials to provide me with Tom’s promotional schedule,” he stated. I also promised to work two hours harder than he did in every nation.

Smith, though, referred to Cruise as a “cyborg,” realizing that it was practically impossible to defeat him. The actor added that Cruise needed body doubles in order to pull off the hectic advertising schedule and events he participated in. Tom Cruise has the best personal worldwide marketing in Hollywood, according to Smith.

The shaky Scientology connection between Will Smith and Tom Cruise

Given Will Smith’s family’s connections to Tom Cruis and his well-known Scientology beliefs, many have questioned whether the Smiths are also Scientologists.

Months after his notorious Oscars smack, Smith has become the target of criticism. People are now questioning Cruise’s alleged ties to Scientology, of which he has been a longtime member, in the wake of the incident.

After Smith opened a private primary school that many believed had some connections to the organization, fans have conjectured that he and his family may be involved in the church. Smith fiercely refuted the accusations, claiming he “doesn’t necessarily believe in organized religion,” along with his wife.

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